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The Como neighborhood in St. Paul is a beautifully landscaped and maintained area which is great for homes and people looking for a beautiful place to live. It’s so nice, in fact, that it is often referred to as the St. Paul Garden District. But that name also comes from the fact that the neighborhood was once farmland when it was first settled in the mid 1800s. In 1868, construction for the first road in the surrounding area began and it is still around today known as Como Avenue. It’s the neighborhood’s main street for traveling through town.

Near the end of the 1800s, the electric streetcar was introduced to the Como neighborhood. Soon after that the Como Zoo was completed and many other facilities were soon to follow, including the Como Park Conservatory, the Como Lakeside Pavilion. These were designed to help foster community togetherness and give residents in the area something to do.

Families appreciate living in the Como neighborhood for several reasons. For one thing, the Como Park is one of the most popular and frequented parks in the entire Twin Cities metropolitan area. You can also visit the Como Zoo for free or go to the Como Park conservatory which boasts the largest indoor glass garden in the entire region. Schools are also prominent in the Como neighborhood – both public and private. You can choose from Como Elementary School, Chelsea Heights, Como Junior High School, Como Senior High School and several others. Many of them are within walking distance to the homes in the Como neighborhood so you don’t have to worry much about busses or long walks when taking your kids to school each day.

Another great feature of this neighborhood is that the Minnesota State Fairgrounds help make up the western border of the area. The State Fair comes here every year and residents come from all around to see the classic cars at the car show, shop for old antiques and see the amazing exhibits.

When searching for Como MN homes for sale, it’s always helpful to use the services of a local real estate company. Homegevity is the premier company in the Twin Cities and beyond and you can expect great customer service when you use one of the expert realtors from our company. We’ll help you find traditional homes along with homes that have a Victorian style of architecture and other types of homes to choose from. Contact our offices today to schedule a consultation and discuss your next Como real estate purchase.

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