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Along the eastern border of Minnesota is the Pine Springs real estate market, located in the popular Washington County. This is one of the smaller communities in the entire county as well as the entire region with only about 400 residents. One of the things that sets the Pine Springs real estate market apart from the rest is that its median income is about double that of the median income for the state, making it one of the more affluent communities around. The homes in the area are also more upscale and exclusive which makes them more attractive for today’s discerning home buyers.

For homeowners in the Pine Springs market who want to continue their education for job purposes or for the sake of increasing knowledge, there are several colleges within a few miles. The Century Community and Technical College is one of the places where you can improve your skills. There’s also the Metropolitan State University and Saint Paul College, among several others. Long Lake is another great feature and it offers opportunities for fun and relaxation.

Choosing the best home in the Pine Springs real estate market doesn’t have to be a difficult process. With help from your local Homegevity realtor, you can find the one that fits your needs easily.

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