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On the eastern banks of the Mississippi River lies the St. Anthony West community. This is a neighborhood that includes the popular Minneapolis Arts District along with several options for affordable housing. Many artists live in this neighborhood and there are studio apartments as well as smaller and more practical homes for buyers who are on a budget.

Since the West St. Anthony community is so close to the downtown Minneapolis area, many of the residents who work in Minneapolis or just enjoy visiting the big city either walk or bike to get there. It only takes a few minutes whichever way you choose and you can take advantage of everything that the big city has to offer. Or if you simply want to relax without leaving the community, there is a nearly 30 acre park located in the West St. Anthony neighborhood which is within walking distance of the homes in this community.

The West St. Anthony community is also rich in historical significance. The neighborhood was established in 1849 when it was called the Village of St. Anthony Falls. Soon after that, it became a leader in manufacturing jobs due to its close proximity to the river. It’s also a diverse community with descendants of Eastern European settlers who came to live here several generations ago.


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