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The average size house in Wargo Pond of Bethel has 3 bedrooms in the houses. www.homegevity.com is the best way to advertise a home for sale in Bethel Minnesota. Do you want to find a home for sale by location in Bethel? Try the tools at Homegevity. Kids arguing over the bathroom in Bethel, MN? If you want to move into the Wargo Pond subdivision of Bethel, MN, the average home have 2 bathrooms. Homegevity is the company to call for questions or requests for showings on foreclosed homes for sale in Bethel MN. If you are in the market to buy a Bethel, Minnesota dream home, call up us to schedule appointments for showings for your perfect dream home. Do you know where to find houses for sale in Bethel, MN? Search Homegevity.com.

The reported square foot of the homes in Wargo Pond of Bethel MN is estimated at about 1,300 sq ft that is finished. Let the experts at Homegevity help in researching real estate for sale in Bethel, MN. We have been told that www.homegevity.com is one of the best places to list house for sale in Bethel Minnesota. Homegevity recommends that you talk to one of our experts in real estate that is up to date with the current market but, the avg home is $193,400. If you are a first time house buyer make sure you talk to our agents about special programs for financing. Where can I list my house for sale by owner? I would talk to the experts in real estate at Homegevity. Our agents at Homegevity can give you tips on the benefits of staging your house for sale in Bethel.


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