Home Buyers

Community, Town or City
Before choosing which house to buy, you should choose a location. You should find a community or town that you would like to live in, but also one that others will want to live in. This will help keep its resale value at top dollar. But what are some factors you should consider when choosing a community?

Financial Stability
A home located in a financially stable community will have a better resale value than a home in an uncertain community. This means that the home you choose should have a good variety of business districts nearby with shopping opportunities and employment possibilities for residents. This will help keep the community financial secure while putting money back into the area to keep it looking beautiful and maintained. You can tell if a community is well maintained by taking a drive through it and looking at the pride that its residents take. Well-manicured lawns, homes with curb appeal and common areas that are decorated with flowers and plants show a particular pride that everybody takes in the surrounding neighborhood.

Local Services
Does the community have a variety of government services that you can use? For instance, many communities have at least one library that residents can visit. Does the library in the community you are considering have a wide selection of materials? Services like libraries, art museums and more will keep your home’s resale value going up.

Crime statistics will also play a role in your homes resale value. How does the community compare to the national average when it comes to violent crimes? This will be a good indicator of how effective the police are in a particular community. Also, is there a nearby fire station and hospital in case of emergency?

In addition to those services, does the community encourage sponsored youth events? Are there sports fields and parks throughout the area for quality family time? Are there festivals and other exciting events that celebrate the community and its surroundings? Do the neighborhoods have block parties and other opportunities for socializing with those who live around you? Are there senior activities?

If you hire a qualified local agent, they should be able to tell you all of this and more about the communities in your area. This is just another reason why hiring a local agent is the ideal way to go when choosing a realtor.

Local Schools
Schools may not be important to you if you do not have children or if your children are grown and moved out of the house. In fact, you might have the urge to move far away from the hustle and bustle of school areas. But this will only hurt your home’s resale value.

The local school system is one of the most important considerations parents make when choosing a home. When you decide to sell your home, you want to make sure it appeals to the largest number of