If you’re looking for a relocation service that will give you the best advice and resources for your move to our area, we can help. Whether you are planning a local move, a cross country move or even overseas, Homegevity is here to help you through the entire process.
Our relocation services have a huge area of coverage throughout the state of Minnesota and beyond. We have a full staff of experts and agents who know about the area and what it takes to do a successful and efficient relocation for each client that comes to us.

At Homegevity, our realtors and agents strive for 100 percent customer satisfaction with each relocation that we do. Our staff wants to ensure that you receive the best relocation services for your money. That’s why we are the best and most trusted relocation company in the entire region so contact us today with complete confidence.

Moving Into Our Area

When you use our relocation services, you can be assured that you are getting the best quality in services and customer treatment around. Here are some of the great things you can expect with our relocation services:

• Excellent associates who are dedicated to making the relocation process as hassle-free and efficient as possible for you.
• Affordable relocation packages for the Twin Cities region and beyond
• Profiles of communities so you can have a better idea of where you are moving to before you get there.
• Assimilation tours of the new area so you can get a feel for your new community and orientations for helping you feel comfortable following your relocation
• Affordable rates with reputable moving van lines that will help you get where you’re going
• Assistance for renting and finding temporary housing for clients who are relocating and need somewhere to stay while their house is being built or prepared

Our professional relocation teams can help you plan every detail of your move from the very beginning of the process to the final steps of moving into your new home. We work closely with our clients so we can meet all of your relocation and moving needs.

Contact Homegevity today for an evaluation and we can get started on helping you relocated to your new home right away!

Moving Out of Our Area

At Homegevity, we bring home buyers and home sellers together. We cover the entire state of Minnesota and parts of North Dakota and Wisconsin with thousands of agents in dozens of different offices. That means that you can hire us knowing that there is an agent in your surrounding area so you don’t have to travel too far to meet with one of our representatives.

After your home has been successfully sold, Homegevity isn’t done. We can help you with the process of finding a local realtor in the city that you plan to move to with help from our relocation experts. A few of the services you can expect from us when moving out of the area include the following:

An analysis of your home from a qualified mortgage broker

Profiles of your destination community so you know what to expect when you move there

Discounted rates for moving vans and moving services.

Global Services

When you hire Homegevity to help you relocate, we aren’t just a local company. We have services that can help you move anywhere on the globe. We can connect you to thousands of partner offices, agents and communities in dozens of countries. Whether you are moving across the street or halfway across the world, Homegevity is the company to help you do it.

Contact Homegevity today for a complete evaluation of your moving needs so we can help you create a plan that’s right for your specific needs.

Moving with a Corporation

If your corporation or company is moving to another location, Homegevity is prepared to help you with that process as well. We handle all types of corporation relocation projects from the searching phase for a new location to the closing phase of making the purchase final. We have experience with all sizes of relocation projects for corporations, from the small office to the large group moves and we can even help you set up a meet and greet in your destination area so the local residents and other businesses can come to visit and get to know more about the products and services that you provide.

Our Homegevity realtors and relocation representatives have several years of experience in making the process as smooth as can be. We have real estate solutions for your company and award-winning service in the Twin Cities area and beyond. With our wide array of contacts and the best leaders in the industry, you can expect the best and have confidence in what we do for you.


As part of the leading real estate organizations, we have a strong network of affiliates and partners that we work with during the relocation process. We work with hundreds of member firms as well as thousands of offices across the globe to help you relocate quickly and easily. We also have more than 100,000 associates in dozens of countries so using our network of affiliates and representatives makes your relocation smooth. At Homegevity, we are also members of the following organizations:




Leading Real Estate Companies of the World

Be sure to check out our comprehensive moving program for your group, which includes:

Profile reports of the communities you are moving to along with school information, local business listings and more.

Tours and orientation of the community so you can get a better idea of the resources that are around

Services for your departure and destination

Check out Homegevity to see what our award-winning relocation company can do for your company.

Housing Solutions

Since the housing market is always changing, our company finds it necessary to change our practices from time to time to adapt to the changing needs so we can better serve our customers. For instance, more and more clients are coming to us looking for services related to assimilating to a new community, having orientations to learn about relocation procedures and destinations and much more. As a result, we customize our services to address these growing needs whether you’re an individual, a third party company or a corporation looking to relocate. These customized services can include at least one of the following:

Assessment of Needs

One of the things we can do at Homegevity is assess your housing needs. We can help you determine what your specific needs are along with your interests and provide pre-arrival counseling for you. In addition, we can also give you an overview along with a relocation packet to help give you an idea of what the community has to offer before you relocate to it.

Tours of the Area

Moving to a new area can be intimidating. That’s why at Homegevity, we provide tours of the area where you are relocating to take away some of the mystery before you make your move. We can provide individual guided tours, group tours and private tours of the various points of interest along with the area’s housing market. This will help you understand what the people in the community are dealing with each day.

Our personalized tours are customized to meet your needs and interests. From schools to neighborhoods to historic locations and everything in between, our Homegevity representatives want to make sure you get a feel for your new place weeks or even months before you make your relocation complete.


There are several things you need to know about when assimilating to a new area. Some of the more important places to know about include:

Local Department of Motor Vehicles

Grocery stores


Social Security building

City Hall

We can also help you assimilate to a new country by helping you learn cultural differences and more throughout the transition process.

Corporate Rental Assistance

Do you have employees moving to the new area along with your corporation? If so, here are some of the things that Homegevity can help you with for a clean and hassle-free transition:

Leasing options for individuals, both short term and long term

Furnished or unfurnished properties

Pre-approved properties

Appointments for tours and informational meetings

Properties that meet individual preferences

International Assistance Services

We can provide the following services if you are planning to relocate to another area on the globe that may be unfamiliar to you, your family or your employees:

Orientation about the new country to help you learn about lifestyles and major cultural differences

Packets complete with various community profiles, entertainment options, shopping opportunities, area demographics and much more

Guided tours to help explore communities, housing area, rental markets, points of interest in a given community and much more

Rental Services

Some of the services included with the rental section of our business include:

Partnerships with outside vendors for more accommodating services

Background checks and collecting rent payments

Options in single family homes to help make finding renters easier

Moving Services

Homegevity has contracts with some of the nation’s best and most trusted movers, including United, North American and others. Because we work with these moving companies regularly, we can provide you with discounts to make your individual or corporate move even more affordable whether you’re moving somewhere nearby or somewhere across the globe.

When you contact the representatives at Homegevity, here are some of the services that you can expect:

Prompt attention to your questions and concerns

At least two free estimates from moving vendors

Great discounts on relocation services and storage units

Insured protection for moves from one state to another

Guaranteed dates for picking up your belongings and dropping them off at your new location

Packing services

Follow-up after your move

Contact Homegevity today for more information on how our moving services can help you.

Moving Tips

Regardless of where you are moving to, it’s going to take some planning to make sure the process is smooth and hassle-free. Here is a timeline of when you should have some things ready to go and when you should start working on certain things for your move.

Two Months before the Move

Decide on which moving company that you want to use and contact them. Ask if they can have a representative meet you at your home so they can do an inventory and give you a written estimate for the cost of your move. Estimates give you an idea of how much you can expect to pay, but they can also vary based on the actual weight of everything being moved as well as the distance you are traveling for your move. Be sure to point out any hidden items, such as the things in your basement, shed or garage that will also need to be moved. If you don’t think about these things until the day they start loading, they could charge you extra.

Know the moving companies regulations and guidelines. Some moving companies have stricter guidelines on what they will move. Some may not move guns, expensive jewelry, plants and chemicals. You should also check with state regulations through which you will be traveling so you aren’t breaking any interstate transportation rules.

Begin using things you can’t take with you. Perishable foods and household chemicals should simply be used before you move. You don’t need to take cans of foods with you or cleaning supplies because they can add weight to the move and the cleaning supplies can be hazardous. Use as much of this stuff as you can before the move to save money and hassles.

Six Weeks before the Move

Start cleaning your house and getting rid of anything that you have simply been accumulating but don’t really need. Start a “throw away” pile and a “donation” pile. You can also have “garage sale” pile and have a big sale to make a few dollars to help you with your moving expenses.

Start making a list of people who need to know about your move. This can include your doctor, your utility companies, any state agencies, professional contacts and even the magazines that you subscribe to.

Gather important documents and records from your physician, accountant and lawyer. These documents might include medical records, wills, tax returns and other confidential and personal information.

One Month before the Move

Go to your local post office to get a “change of address” kit and fill out the necessary forms with your expected moving date. You will have to complete one card of each family member who is moving and receives mail.

Talk to your vet about transporting your pets to find out the best way to do it. Also, ask for their records on any boosters, vaccine, or health certificates that the vet has on record for your pets. Your vet may also be able to offer tips on making the move easier on your pets and how to help them assimilate to the new place.

If you have kids, contact the school that they will be attending in the new area to start the registration process. This will give you time to gather any documents that they require prior to registration. You should also tell the current school about the move so you can obtain the proper records or arrange for the transfer of those records to the new school. At the very least, most schools will want to have an official birth certificate, immunization records and proof of residency for the new city.

Make contact with your utility companies where you will be moving to so you can schedule a “turn on” date. This will ensure that you don’t have to wait a few days in your new home before your electricity, gas, or water gets turned on. Also, you should inform your internet service provider, your cell phone provider, alarm company, lawn service and any other services that you have. Try to schedule everything so they shut off in your current home about the same time that they get turned on at your new home.

Contact your homeowner’s insurance company along. If you have your car and home insured through two different companies, contact your auto insurance company as well. Discuss transferring coverage to the new area or ask for referrals if your current company doesn’t cover the area where you are moving to.

Start researching doctors in the new area.

Three Weeks before the Move

Begin making reservations and travel arrangements if you are moving far away. If you are driving, you may want to start making reservations at hotels along the way.

Collect all of your important documents in one place, including your insurance policies, savings bonds, birth certificates, medical records and passports. Be sure to keep these papers with you instead of putting them in the moving truck.

Make arrangements to close bank accounts. If you use national banks, you should make arrangements to have the address changed and order new checks. If you have a safety deposit box at a local bank, you should also empty that out.

Transfer your prescriptions to a pharmacy in the area where you are moving to.

Drain any oil and gasoline from power tools and lawn mowers that you are going to move. Be sure to dispose of these hazardous liquids safely.

Back up all the files on your computers and find a way to transport any data discs with you safely.

One Week before the Move

Take your car to the mechanic to have it serviced. Make sure it is ready to make the trip to your new destination.

Transfer your insurance on your personal possessions and belongings to make sure they are covered in case of an accident or some other disaster on the way to your new home.

Pull enough cash out from the bank to make the trip or get a certified check to pay the movers upon delivery. Most companies will only release the belongings if you pay with cash or a certified check.

Make sure your loose ends are covered. Return any library books or movies that you have rented or borrowed. Pick up any dry cleaning that you have. Think of things that you have at consignment shops or with friends so you can get them before making your move.

A Few Days before the Move

Defrost your freezers and refrigerators. Make a way to lock the doors on your refrigerators so pets or children don’t climb in there and suffocate.

Start preparing the boxes that you are going to personally pack. If there are valuables that you want to transport in the vehicle with you, start packing those in the boxes. Make an area of your home designated just for boxes that you are taking with you so they don’t mistakenly end up in the moving truck.

Cancel your newspaper and any other service that comes to your home, such as water delivery, exterminators and cleaning services.

Ask your friends and neighbors for any spare keys that they have to your home.

The Day of the Move

Designate a trustworthy friend or family member to supervise the movers as they are packing your belongings and loading them on to the truck. Look at the bill of lading to make sure everything is correct before you sign on the bottom line. Be sure to keep these papers handy so you can pull them out when you reach the destination to make the unloading process quick and hassle-free.

Leave your house keys with the realtor that is handling the sale of your home. Also, if you have codes for your garage door or other parts of your home, be sure they know these codes.

Moving with Pets

When you relocate, you simply can’t leave your pets behind. After all, they are part of your family. Here are some ways you can make the move less traumatic for your pet.

Make Plans Ahead of Time

One of the best ways to make sure your pet has a smooth moving process is to plan ahead. Start looking for comfortable crates and other amenities that will help them stay comfortable. Try to maintain your pet’s routine throughout the moving process to make them more comfortable.

Splurge on a Quality Carrier

Don’t just get a flimsy pet carrier to put your pet in when you move. Spend a little extra for a sturdy, high quality carrier that gives them room to move around. Several weeks before the move, get them accustomed to spending time in the pet carrier.

Get ID tags

When you find out what your new address is going to be, get those printed on new pet ID tags. You should also include your new phone number on the tags. Put the new tags on your pet as soon as you have your phone number changed so if they get away during the process, the person who finds them can contact you right away.

Keep Things Quiet

Pets don’t like chaos. So when moving day arrives, find a place in your home where they feel secure that is away from the hustle and bustle of the moving company and all the excitement. Put a sign on the door to that room that says “Do Not Enter” so people who are helping you move won’t accidentally open it and make your pet feel insecure. Make sure you have cleared the room out prior to putting your pet in there so there is no reason to go in there and disturb the calmness that your pet is enjoying.

Look for Ways to Make the Trip Safer

To make your pet comfortable and safe while you are moving, make sure their carrier is well ventilated. You should also be sure that your pet is never locked inside the car on warm days because they could potentially die. Also, never put your pet in the area of a moving van where all the boxes are being stored because some of them could get loose and fall on your pet.

Consult with Your Vet

Regardless of how comfortable you make your pet during a long car ride, some of them just aren’t going to be happy. Before leaving, ask your vet for tips on how to make the car ride more enjoyable and less stressful for your pet. While you’re there, you should also make sure all of their vaccinations and booster shots are up to date and you can refill any of your pet’s medications at the same time so you don’t have to worry about it for awhile after getting to your new place.

Look for Pet-Friendly Hotels

Some hotels will allow your pets to stay with you during your visit, but there aren’t a lot that will do that. You should do some research online before beginning your trip so you can plan your reservations accordingly. You can also contact your local Humane Society because they have some helpful resources you can use.

Air Travel Tips

If you are planning on flying to your new home instead of driving, there is some extra planning that should be involved. You should notify the US Department of Agriculture that you will be flying with your pet along with the airline that you are using. Contact your veterinarian and the airline that you are flying with for the proper precautions and regulations for flying with your pet.

Make Your New Home Pet-Friendly

When you arrive at your new home, be sure to bring in all of your pet’s familiar toys and accessories, including their water dish, food dish, bed, litter box and other things that they are accustomed to. Don’t buy all new things for them for awhile because they will need time to get acclimated to the new home.