Home Seller mistakes

When selling your home, there are many things to remember to do. Unfortunately, many sellers make mistakes which can prolong the amount of time that their home stays on the market. Here are four common home selling mistakes and how to avoid them.

Bad Smells
There are several smells that can linger in your home that can be a complete deal breaker. From cigarette smoke to pet odors and mildew smells, the way your house smells is one of the first things a potential buyer is going to notice. Before putting it on the market, ask someone who does not live in your house walk around and smell it. You won’t notice the smells if you live there because you become desensitized. Open the windows and take the proper steps to eradicate the smells rather than trying to cover them up.

Dim Lighting
Home buyers are always attracted to homes that have a great deal of natural lighting as opposed to dimly lit homes. If a potential buyer is coming to your home, be sure to keep all the curtains open to let the maximum amount of light in. Also, make sure all the light bulbs in all the fixtures are working properly. You could also consider installing more light fixtures to light up the rooms that don’t have a lot of natural sunlight.

No Curb Appeal
When potential buyers drive up to your home, you want them to be immediately impressed before they even step inside. If they don’t like how the outside looks, they might not ever make it inside the house. Plant some flowers, mow the lawn, pull the weeds and give your home a fresh coat of exterior paint to make it look nice. These simple solutions will help draw the potential buyers to see what your home is like on the inside.

Leave During the Showing
Buyers may feel uncomfortable asking questions or discussing your home if you are present while they are looking at it. Find somewhere to go for an hour or so to give the prospective buyers the privacy they need.